15 December, 2017

The UML/MARTE models developed with our UML/MARTE modelling methodology are specifically suitable for DSE. Among other things, the models can capture:

  • a design space, that is a set of design solutions to be explored (the DSE parameter is the basic new modelling element for it);
  • DSE rules as means to customize and reduce design spaces with redundant or non-interesting solution;
  • the performance requirements to be considered for valid solutions;
  • and the critcalities associated to the performance requirements, and to elements, such they can be considered in the analyses and design space exploration.

Thus, information crucial for tackling a DSE flow can be captured  under a standard language and enriching the same system model.

Moreover, the CONTREX Eclipse Plug-in (CONTREP in short) is a tool which takes the UML/MARTE model developped with this methodology and which, among other design activities, enables the automatic generation of a fast simulation-based DSE infrastructure. For that, CONTREP relies on the advance performance estimation technology of VIPPE, and on any of the supported exploration tools (MOST, Multicube-Explorer).